Survival Matters Project

Does our survival matter to you?

Australia21 is starting the groundswell towards securing our survival.

It is in the hope of a better future that Australia21 is embarking on the Survival Matters project.

Through this project, we encourage all Australians to consider ten mega-threats to our survival. Survival Matters is aimed at getting Australians to understand and start talking about the interlinked issues we need to overcome.

Through a better informed Australian community, we can show our politicians how strongly our society feels about these threats and that they need to commit to addressing them at a global level.

We need your help to get started! Through our crowdfunding page, we are seeking donations of any denomination to help make a difference. Every contribution counts so add your voice now, to the many others seeking real change.

If we all follow the three steps of the Survival Matters project, disaster can be avoided. Let’s start the conversation and drive global action.

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Start your own CrowdRaiser page for the cause!

Let’s hit our goal together! Start a CrowdRaiser page so your friends and family can get behind the cause.

Click the button below to go GiveNow and then click the “Create a CrowdRaiser” button. Then search for “Survival Matters” in the “Cause” search field.

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What is Survival Matters?

Survival Matters is a campaign that asks Australia to do three simple things:

1) Listen: We’ve developed a podcast series which has been created by young Australians and features interviews with experts on these matters. Click here to listen to podcasts here.

2) Talk: We need to start conversations about the ten interlinked problems. No one person, government or country, will be able to solve these problems alone.

3) Support: We are asking people to support ‘Survival Matters’ through making a donation or by supporting Australia21’s crowdfunding page to help generate funds to take this cause to the next level.

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