Shaping Australia’s resilience: Policy development for uncertain futures

Australia21 hosted a conference in 2010 that examined the application of resilience thinking to public policy. The conference brought thinkers, researchers and policy makers together to determine how a resilience lens can help to build a brighter future in uncertain times.


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Shaping Australia’s Resilience: Policy development for uncertain futures, Conference booklet 18-19 February 2010.

The conference theme was addressed in four categories – Overview, Conceptualisation, Diagnosis, Implementation.



Here is a selection of the papers


Dr Brian Walker: Resilience for the future

Greg Bourne: The resilience challenge

Professor Bob Douglas: Individual societal and systems resilience


Professor Quinten Grafton: Resilience thinking and economics

Dr Graham Marshall: Conceptualising resilience in environment, agriculture and water


Professor Bob Montgomery: Individual and organisational resilience

Professor Riane Eisler: Communities


Professor Stephen Dovers: Environmental Agriculture/Water- Implementation workshop

Dr Theresia Citraningtyas: Beyond Resilience. Transforming disaster by transforming ourselves and our systems


Dinner Speaker

Robyn Archer AO: Resilience in the Arts






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