Brighter prospects: Enhancing the resilience of Australia

The confidence of Australians (their belief in the future and their own abilities to deal with it), individually and collectively, might be one of the key indicators of our resilience.


Rapeseed field at spring

The essays in this volume reflect perspectives on resilience from a range of experts in various disciplines. The authors were asked to contribute these views as a way to encourage readers to think about processes and trends that might be increasing or decreasing aspects of Australia’s resilience to future changes. Some factors that may increase our resilience in this area include:

  • Calls for increasing levels of awareness and understanding of possible future challenges so Australian’s can be better prepared
  • Increasing people’s confidence in their security in relation to economic, social and environmental changes
  • Increasing people’s trust in decision making processes by involving them more completely and genuinely
  • Building better and more transparent risk-mitigation strategies into financial systems
  • Transforming education to produce young people who are fully prepared, capable and confident to meet future challenges.

Download Resilience Report 2 Cork, S, (ed) 2009, Brighter prospects: Enhancing the resilience of Australia, Australia 21, Canberra.


Resilience and Transformation



Cork S (ed) Resilience and Transformation Preparing Australia for Uncertain Futures, CSIRO Publishing, Australia21, Canberra

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