Northern development


The challenge is to establish a coherent vision for northern development that engages with and is supported by all the relevant parties from national legislators to local communities.


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The project Australia21 undertook on Northern Development recognised that there are increasing pressures to develop the agricultural and mineral resources of Northern Australia.

At the same time there is a need to protect the natural environment as well as enhancing the social, cultural and economic benefits for all Australians – particularly those who live in Northern Australia.

The questions considered were:

  • What are the opportunities for, and constraints on, development in Northern Australia?
  • What kind of vision for development of this area is likely to optimise the resilience of the population which lives there now and in the future as well as the resilience of the ecosystems on which that population will depend?
  • How can this vision contribute to the development of Australia as a whole?

Download Northern Development Background Paper 1 Garnett, ST 2008, Development of Northern Australia Draft report to Australia21, Australia21, Canberra.

Download Northern Development Report 1 A New Deal for Northern Australia? Overview of Roundtable held in Darwin Monday 6th April 2009, 2009, Australia21, Canberra.

Download Northern Development Working Group 2 Report Webb, G & Wilson, G 2009, Science and research to support planning and management in Northern Australia: Report of working group 2, Australia21, Canberra.

Download Northern Development Working Group 3 Report Dale, A 2009, North Australia: A Provider of Choice for Australia’s Ecosystem Services: Report of working group 3, Australia21, Canberra.

Download Northern development Working Group 4 Barratt, P 2009, Infrastructure for Northern Australia Interim Report of Working group 4, Australia21, Canberra.

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