Algal farming

CSIRO Image 067_CS946_236dayold_coenobia_composite - cropped

Image courtesy of Australian National Algae Culture Collection; CS-946 Pandorina morum

On 11 November 2016, Australia21 held a roundtable on the potential role of algal farming in contributing to solutions to a range of issues facing Australia including food security, fuel security and water degradation.

A diverse group of scientists, entrepreneurs, government policymakers and futurists met in Parliament House, Canberra to examine the current state of activities, expectations and possibilities that micro-algae and macro-algae (seaweeds) are making and could make to Australia’s future.

Report from the roundtable to come.

Greens Senator Janet Rice hosted and participated in the roundtable. Senator Rice spoke at the roundtable reception:

Algal farming roundtable participants 2

Roundtable participants


Roundtable 2

Algal farming roundtable in session

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