Mindfulness, Empathy and Compassion Forum audio recordings

Audio recordings from the Australia21 ‘Mindfulness, Empathy and Compassion: The building blocks of a mindful nation’ forum held on 10 June 2016

Led by Australia21 Director and project leader for the Australia21 empathy project, Dr Lynne Reeder, and supported by the University of Melbourne, the forum investigated the application of the skill of mindfulness, the competency of empathy, and the motivation of compassion in the decision making of Australia’s political, industry, health, education and community sectors.

Introduction – Australia21 Directors, Dr Lynne Reeder and Mike Waller






Compassion Development – Professor Dan Martin






Empathy and the Public Goods of the 21st Century – Dr Nicolas Gruen






Empathy Conversations – Australia21 Director, Dr Lynne Reeder






Mindful Learning – Associate Professor Craig Hassed






Mindfulness and the Young – John Hendry (OAM) and Dr Liz Temple






Mindful Nation UK – Chris Ruane





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