Global change

How soon and how seriously will a combination of global instabilities such as climate change, continuing growth of population, economic fragility and food security disrupt Australian wellbeing?


global changeSubstantial early shocks are possible or even probable, arising from a combination of the destruction of arable land and rising food prices, the peaking of oil production, extreme weather events and bushfires and the international consequences of human conflict over depleting resources. The perpetuation and accentuation of domestic and global inequity are seen as an added risk to affluent countries like our own.


Australia21’s Board has become increasingly concerned that the impacts of a number of grave global challenges are being ignored, bypassed or placed in the “too hard” basket, and that there is no sign of this changing in the immediate future.

Two reports, ‘Beyond Denial Managing the Uncertainties of Global Change’ and ‘Placing global change on the Australian election agenda’, set the scene for dialogue between voters and aspiring politicians during the coming election, that will more adequately address the realities of anthropogenic climate change, population and refugee pressures, the risks to our economy, deteriorating ecosystems and declining agricultural and liquid fuel capacity.

Global change

Download Global Change Report 1 Douglas, RM ed. 2013, Beyond Denial Managing the Uncertainties of Global Change, Australia21, Canberra.

Download Global Change Report 2 Douglas, RM ed. 2013, Placing global change on the Australian election agenda, Australia21, Canberra.

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