We All Pay the Price: Our drug laws are tearing apart Australia’s social fabric, as well as harming drug users and their families


Australia21’s groundbreaking report on the health and social harms caused or worsened by current drug policies.

We All Pay The Price explores the complex two-way interactions between the punitive approach to drug use and problems including poverty, social disadvantage, unemployment, homelessness, family violence, child protection interventions, mental illness, stigma, discrimination and suicide. It calls for the removal of criminal sanctions for consumption and a boost in funding for treatment, to reduce the health, social and economic costs of drug harms ultimately borne by all Australians.

The report is the product of an unprecedented Australia21 Roundtable collaboration between experts in drug law, drug treatment and community welfare, including representatives from the Kings Cross MSIC, Uniting ReGen, Anglicare Australia, the Noffs Foundation, the ACT Council of Social Services, the Victorian Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders, the Penington Institute, Families and Friends for Drug Law Reform, the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, the ACU Institute of Child Protection Studies, the Australian Drug Law Reform Foundation, high profile addiction specialists, sociologists and criminologists, and people with lived experience of drug use and imprisonment.

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Australia21’s report on the health and social harms caused or worsened by current drug policies, prepared following a national Roundtable with experts in drug law, drug treatment & community welfare.