Beyond Operation Sovereign Borders: A long-term asylum policy for Australia


In an objective and non-partisan way this paper considers the lessons Australia has learnt in the past 15 years from the various approaches to dealing with the maritime asylum seeker phenomenon and explores what future policies could best be applied in the short, medium and long term.

Written from a policy-making perspective by Peter Hughes, Visiting Fellow at the Regulatory Institutions Network, ANU and Arja Keski-Nummi, Fellow at the Centre for Policy Development, the paper assumes a basic knowledge of international refugee issues and data on the part of the reader.

It was commissioned as background for the Refugee and Asylum Seeker Policy roundtable held at Parliament House in Canberra on 11 July 2014 and co-hosted by Australia21, the Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law at the University of NSW and the Centre for Policy Development.

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