A Fair Go Fo All Australians: Urgent action required


A landmark report on Inequality from Australia21 and The Australia Institute, outlining a path to a fairer future for the country.

Reducing the influence of corporate money in politics, implementing an Australian Charter of Human Rights and changing the way the Federal Cabinet considers legislation are just a few of the reforms proposed in A Fair Go for All Australians.

The report is the result of an all-day roundtable involving 32 experts and politicians including former Labor Treasurer Wayne Swan and Greens Leader Richard Di Natale. Coalition MPs declined the invitation to participate.

The roundtable participants repeatedly drew attention to the inadequacy of the current economic model, its dependency on endless growth, its failure to engage with ecological and climate limits, and its assumption that unconstrained markets can respond to the need for the dignity and well-being of the whole population. With this report we offer real world, practical policy solutions to the major structural difficulties that people in our society are facing.

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Australia21 and The Australia Institute have produced a landmark report aptly titled ‘A Fair Go For All Australians: urgent action required’.  New survey data has been released highlighting that the majority of Australians agree that our society has become more unequal over the last ten years and that the government should be doing more to alleviate the issue. ‘A Fair Go For All Australians’ outlines a path to a fairer future for our country.