Our people

For Australia21 ‘our people’ is a very broad term because our achievements grow from the contribution of many people.


Talents and skills

Australia21 operates with a hands-on Board, two Honorary Youth Advisers, a skeleton staff and the generously shared talents of skilled and committed volunteers.

We value the prestige and support that our Patron brings to the organisation.

We are pleased to invite some former Directors to stay linked closely to the organisation through the role of Emeritus Director.


Wide networks

Our networks in academia, business and the community add great value to the organisation and our work.

Our Australia21 Fellows and Scholars have made a huge contribution to our research.

Our growing youth network, YoungA21, diversifies our thinking and enlivens our work.


Valued supporters

Our subscribers are vital to Australia21, helping us communicate what we are doing to the wider public, through their own interests and networks.

We appreciate the support of our sponsors and our corporate partners who are carefully chosen and chose us carefully to ensure that the relationship is mutually beneficial and philosophically compatible.

We value the vote of confidence from those clients who have engaged us to do research on their behalf.

Most importantly, we are profoundly grateful to all of those individuals who donate to our work on an ongoing or occasional basis.


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