Welcome To Our New Honorary Youth Advisor 


Australia21 is pleased to announce we have been joined by a new Honorary Youth Advisor, who brings strong research skills and a commitment to engaging with youth on complex issues confronting Australia. 

Ashleigh Wesseling has a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) from Macquarie University, and currently works as the eHealth Project Officer at Hello Sunday Morning. She has worked across the not-for-profit and government sectors in psychology research and counselling. Ashleigh is a member of the Smarter About Drugs Steering Group, a project managed by YoungA21, Australia21’s youth arm; and has supported Australia21 in the development of evidence-based solutions to various social issues.

Ashleigh says “This role is important because it ensures that Australia21’s projects are inclusive and maintain a youth perspective. Our generation has ideas about what we want our futures to look like and we have the enthusiasm and energy to execute them, but we need the support and guidance of our forebears”. Ashleigh hopes to ”continue Australia21’s mission of providing a platform for our generation to contribute to the discussions that will disproportionately affect our futures”.

She will be working with the Board to find ways to utilise the expertise of our experienced Board members to empower our YoungA21 members. We look forward to working with Ashleigh.


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