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Australia21 - Spin EOFY 2017 appealGreat news: Australia21 received overwhelming support for our End Of Financial Year appeal! We’re taking that as a vote of confidence in the work we do to research and promote evidence-based public policy. It’s a sign that Australians want to see informed, democratic decision-making in this era when fake news and spin can confuse issues and sidetrack rational debate.

Our aim was to raise $21,000, to unlock the maximum value offered by a core of very generous matching donors. Their promise to multiply our donations a whopping five times meant that the moment we reached our target, our funds swelled to $105,000. But the donations kept coming, with our givenow.com.au/australia21 thermometer overflowing to $26,026.

So the total raised through our EOFY appeal was $110,026.

“The success of our campaign is very gratifying, and will enable us to plan the year ahead with confidence and to continue contributing to evidence-based policy on key social issues,” said Paul Barratt, Chair of Australia21.

“We thank all of our donors, and in particular we thank those who generously agreed to match the funds we could raise from the public.”

The outcome shows vision and hope: Australia CAN tackle difficult problems and find innovative solutions that are fair, sustainable and inclusive.

Australia21 - 2017 EOFY appeal chessboardThanks to your generosity, we’re fired up to deliver a suite of projects over the coming financial year – and we assure you, Australia21 will be stretching every last dollar to get the greatest value possible out of it.

In the short term, our focus will be on:

Beyond that, we’re discussing the research potential for a range of ‘wicked problems’ that defy simple solutions. In particular, we’re interested in inequality and identifying the gaps in related Australian policy that could do with some closer scrutiny. Have you noticed any? If so, please comment below or drop us a line at office@australia21.org.au.

Or if you have an idea or research proposal, or believe there’s partnership potential for addressing another public policy area that isn’t receiving enough attention at the moment, please get in contact.

We’d love to hear from you!


Get informed. Be heard. Shape the future.


Australia21 - teenage girl participating in drug forum  Australia21 - Mick Palmer speaking to audience at drug report launch March 2017  Australia21 - teenage boy participating in drug forum


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