How to turn $21K into $105K in just two weeks – and fight fake news and spin


Feeling powerless in this era of fake news and spin? Now you can share the antidote.

There are a lot of issues that could do with some evidence-based discussion in our world of ‘alternative facts’. We hear constantly about how disillusioned and despairing people are around the globe —how they chant for change, grab at quick solutions and hang the consequences. Rational debate is a prime casualty when feelings of fear and impotence lay siege to common sense and decency; fairness, sustainability and inclusiveness are the collateral damage.

But Australia21 offers hope.

We champion open dialogue and informed decision-making on matters of public policy that affect all Australians. We tackle complex real-world issues— so-called ‘wicked problems’ — that defy simple solutions. We bring the nation’s best thinkers together with people who’ve had hands-on experience, challenging them to put aside preconceptions and examine all the impacts and alternatives. That can be uncomfortable, even confronting, but finding innovative ways to break deadlocks and move forward is also empowering.

So we extend to you an invitation to be part of our positive approach. Take it from us, supporting constructive research and honest discussion ‘trumps’ fake news and spin – and it feels damn good.

Even better, donate now and your gift will be power-boosted in a not-to-be-missed 5 for 1 deal!


Australia21 - PTSD Roundtable May 2017Until 30 June, the first $21,000 we raise will be multiplied FIVE times, through the generosity of a core group of matching donors who believe in a better future for all generations.

That means every $1 you contribute will unlock $5 in funding to continue Australia21’s work. It’s a BIG bang for your buck.

So help us reach our target of $21,000+ to unlock $105,000!

Too good to be true? Nope, this is neither fake news nor a scam.

Please take advantage of this End Of Financial Year opportunity and encourage others to, as well. Gifts of $2 or more are tax deductible. To donate, just click the yellow button.


Or send a direct debit to BNB: 313 140, Account No: 2319 3882 or a cheque to Australia21 Limited, PO Box 3244, Weston ACT 2611.


Your donation will be used to support our 2017 projects: 

  • generating an evidence-based national debate on harm-reduction alternatives to the prohibition of illicit drugs in Australia;
  • facilitating a national discussion about how to better respond to Post Traumatic Stress among our front line emergency responders;
  • establishing the Mindful Futures Network, a national space to map and develop the application of mindfulness, empathy and compassion at a systems level, aimed at improving the health and proficiency of Australia’s public and private organisations;
  • running our ‘Making our Future Work’ project, talking directly to young people about how they feel about the future and work and providing insight for policy makers across a range of policy areas;
  • engaging with young people about drugs and drug policy, including developing a ‘Smarter About Drugs’ conversation pack and supporting the pilot of a drug awareness education program;
  • preparing a report from our roundtable on the potential for algal farming to contribute to food and fuel security;
  • developing our ‘Imagining Equality’ project, to canvass possible solutions to growing inequality in Australia; and
  • making the findings of our work more accessible and encouraging public conversation on the challenges Australia faces.


Innovative public policy research

Tackling problems that defy simple solutions

Finding answers based on real evidence

Crossing political divides

Thinking outside the square





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