Shaping a better future for Australia: Reflections on 2017-18


Influencing national debate on ‘wicked’ problems confronting Australia

Our 2017-18 Annual Report highlights how Australia21 has stimulated national debate on a range of complex issues confronting Australia.

We All Pay the Price: our drug laws are tearing apart Australia’s social fabric, as well as harming drug users and their families exposes the #health and social harms created or worsened by Australia’s current #drugpolicy. Read the report here.
We All Pay the Price cover

When Helping Hurts: #PTSD in first responders makes recommendations on how we can help ensure that first responders – including police, fire, ambulance, paramedics, rescue and other #emergency services personnel – don’t meet the demands of the public and politicians at the expense of the #mentalhealth of themselves and their families. Read the report here.

When Helping Hurts cover showing emergency personnel at a crash

Making our Future Work provided young people with a platform to speak about the issues that are relevant to them, and to inform the policy debate on the #future of work. Technological changes, the demand for ‘soft’ or ‘enterprising’ skills, and increasing casual and part-time work are changing the nature of employment markets, and although young Australians are at the forefront of this change their voice is often missing in contemporary research. Read the report on our Making our Future Work youth-led initiative.

Coming soon: A Fair Go For All Australians: urgent action required, a joint project between Australia21 and The Australia Institute, highlights the growing problem of  #inequality for all Australians and offers real world, practical policy solutions to the difficulties that people in Australia are facing.

A Fair Go cover

We are also continuing our important work on drug education in schools, and leading discussion in Australia on the benefits of mindfulness, empathy and compassion to organisations, businesses and society.

Smarter About Drugs is a drug education resource for schools and community groups that aims to engage and empower young people from school through to university to talk openly about alcohol and drugs, and to participate in national policy debates about alcohol and other drug policy. Australia21 is piloting Smarter About Drugs in a few primary and secondary schools, and working with stakeholders to evaluate it before rolling out to more schools. Read more and watch the video.

Australia21’s Mindful Futures Network is taking a lead role in mapping #research into how #mindfulness, empathy and compassion can improve the competitive edge of Australian #business, and developing a more systemic approach to integrating mindfulness, empathy and compassion into Australian organisations, businesses and society. Read more here.

We hope you all have a happy and safe holiday.


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