Inequality roundtable held in Canberra


Australia21 and The Australia Institute convened a roundtable at Parliament House on January 31 to consider the question “What should be done about growing Australian inequality?” The meeting had before it a discussion paper prepared by Professor Sharon Friel from ANU and Dr Richard Denniss from The Australia Institute entitled “Unfair economic arrangements make us sick”.

Thirty five senior government, non-government, academics, community leaders and stakeholders including five parliamentarians participated in a day of open dialogue about the evidence, that in the past 20 years, the benefits of economic growth have flowed disproportionately to the rich and that there is now a widening gulf between those in the upper and those in the lower 20% of Australia’s wealth distribution. This gulf is already among the widest in the Western world though still less than that in the United States.

The report of the roundtable is planned for release in April.



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