Australia21 Director Ian Dunlop calls on women to step up on climate change


Time for women to step forward on climate change

Ian Dunlop 2013

The federal government remains in total denial that climate change will have any material impact on Australia’s future, Sensible climate policy has been dismantled, replaced with token gestures. Unfortunately, the evidence is piling up, along with the economic cost of extreme weather events, to the point where continued denialism is simply economic illiteracy. This is risk management on a global scale. In the national interest, emergency action is long overdue, for climate change is a category of risk, and an opportunity, unlike anything humanity has previously experienced. The changes needed will require unprecedented co-operation, and statesmanship of the highest order. It is too much to expect the male-dominated, eminence-grise of the incumbency to rise to the occasion, but women might.

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