Ideas for Generations: YoungA21 Overview

If you’re under 30 and interested in the big issues affecting Australia’s future then Young Australia21 (Young A21) is for you. Watch our short video to find out more:

YoungA21 aims to:

  • give young people (under 30) a voice on issues that are important to their future
  • strengthen Australia21’s connection to the future by involving young people in determining, commenting on and participating in Australia21 projects wherever possible
  • provide opportunities for two way mentoring between young people and experienced Australia21 directors and staff
  • encourage and support young people to take on projects which will contribute to addressing the challenges facing Australia in their future.

The YoungA21 committee meets by teleconference each month to discuss projects, issues and opportunities for young people. YoungA21 is led by two Honorary Youth Advisers, Rebecca Bunn (Committee Chair) and Luke Hutchins, and supported by Australia21 Board members, Deb Lavis and Geoff Gorrie.

Want to join? Please email with a short description of your background and interests.


Honorary Youth Advisers

Rebecca Bunn — Chair of the YoungA21 Committee

Rebecca Bunn

Rebecca is currently completing a Master of Human Rights Law and is the Managing Director of The Imprisonment Observatory, a virtual collaborative centre at Monash University.  She holds a Master of Public Policy & Management and has previously worked at the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services and the Drug Court of Victoria. She has also volunteered as an Independent Person with the Youth Referral and Independent Person Program (YRIPP), supporting young people who are taken into police custody.

“I am interested in YoungA21 because it provides a platform for young people to contribute to important national policy discussions. Young people have particular experiences and insights into how the wicked problems of their communities affect them and their peers, and YoungA21 ensures those insights are heard and valued. I was particularly drawn to Australia21’s work on challenging illicit drug policy, tackling climate change and upholding the public good. YoungA21 has allowed me to meet like-minded people who are passionate about making a difference on these and the many other issues that will shape Australia’s future. I would encourage anyone under 30 who feels passionate about these issues and can contribute to the important work of the organisation, to join YoungA21.”


Luke Hutchins

Luke HutchinsLuke Hutchins is currently studying a Masters of Social Policy and holds an Honours degree in Criminology from the University of Melbourne. He has a keen interest in understanding issues affecting young people, particularly alcohol and drug use. His Honours thesis investigated how alcohol education campaigns can better engage with young people. Previously he was a Policy Associate at the Foundation for Young Australians working on education advocacy campaigns. Luke has also conducted research on alcohol-related violence prevention for the Centre for Alcohol Policy Research, which was subsequently published as a chapter in the book Stemming the tide of alcohol: Liquor licensing and the public interest.

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Australia21 welcomes the vitality and experience of young people to our organisation.
We recognise that collaboration between seasoned experience and the fresh vision of youth is critical to Australia’s future.

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