Mindfulness, Empathy and Compassion Forum – 10 June 2016

To promote an understanding of the mind and body connection and its potential benefits, Australia21, supported by the University of Melbourne, ran the Mindfulness, Empathy and Compassion: The Building Blocks of a Mindful Nation forum on Friday 10 June 2016. The forum investigated the application of the skill of mindfulness, the competency of empathy, and the motivation of compassion in the decision making of Australia’s political, industry, health, education and community sectors. It brought together leading thinkers, policy makers and researchers in these areas, including UK MP Chris Ruane. Building on the work of Mindful Nation UK and Mindful Nation US, the forum assessed the contribution of mindfulness, empathy and compassion in an Australian context.

Forum program

Forum report

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Empathy Project Workshop – 12 May 2016

One hour briefing and experiential workshop on the Empathy Conversations pilot study. Held on 12 May 2016 in Canberra.

Our pilot study Empathy Conversations: Testing Their Effectiveness as a Policy-Making Instrument, represents a ground breaking, multidisciplinary research project which tested the empathic exchanges between a group of people in positions of influence within government and business, and a group who were experiencing financial and employment difficulties. The results indicate that this conversation process, and the inclusion of empathy conversations in the policy tool kit of government and industry executives can deliver them direct access to a range of diverse lived experiences, which in turn has the potential to provide enhanced information on which to base well considered and more targeted policy options.


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