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  • Latest research and projects
    Posted: November 24, 2016

    Australia21 has a variety of projects bubbling away, in concept, development or implementation stages. When they start to become more than just the seed of an idea, we’ll let you know right here.

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  • Australians in society
    Posted: October 15, 2013

    The Australians in Society program focuses on the broad social determinants of human health and wellbeing and explores the policy frameworks that can promote or inhibit overall community wellbeing.

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  • Australians in the landscape
    Posted: September 16, 2013

    The Australians in the Landscape program concentrates on the the value and the services we derive from our great landscape and seeks to promote a deeper understanding of the impacts of humankind on the environment, and of the tipping points at which natural systems can move irreversibly to a different state.

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  • Australia in the world
    Posted: September 15, 2013

    From its vantage point as an advanced, affluent industrialised society in a global community of approximately 200 nation states and self-governing entities how can Australia engage with the world and, as a good global citizen, contribute to making the world a better and more harmonious place?

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  • Building Australia’s resilience
    Posted: September 14, 2013

    Resilience is a word used more and more across societies worldwide as decision makers realise that predicting and controlling the future does not work and that preparing for uncertainty and surprise is vital.

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  • Next Big Question
    Posted: September 13, 2013

    As well as addressing the next big questions that we discern ourselves, we actively engage with the wider community to ensure that we identify the new and emerging issues that are important for the future of Australian society.

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