The prohibition of illicit drugs is killing and criminalising our children and we are all letting it happen


Written by Bob Douglas and David McDonald, it is drawn from Australia21’s first roundtable on illicit drug policy, which concluded that the evidence strongly suggests that current policies are failing and the debate on illicit drug policy in Australia should be reopened. It features comment by a diverse range of leading thinkers in this area including Mick Palmer AO APM, former Commissioner, Australian Federal Police, the Hon Kate Carnell AO, former ACT Chief Minister, Nicholas Cowdery AM QC, former NSW Director of Public Prosecutions and the Hon Professor Geoff Gallop AC, former Premier of Western Australia. Read it with the discussion paper prepared as background to the firstAustralia21 roundtable on illicit drug policy : What are the likely costs and benefits of a change in Australia’s current plicy on illicit drugs? by David McDonald. the discussion paper prepared as background to the second roundtable on illicit drug policy: “What can Australia learn from different apporaches to drugs in Europe especially The Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland and Sweden?” written by Alex Wodak and Caitlin Hughes. the report on the second Australia21 roundtable on illicit drugs: “Alternatives to prohibition. Illicit drugs: How we can stop killing and criminalising young Australians” written by Bob Douglas, Alex Wodak and David McDonald.

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