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get involved picutureAt Australia21, we believe that big ideas matter — and our role is to harness those ideas into coherent policy directions.

Through a collaborative interdisciplinary approach designed to expand the scope of public discourse, we act as a conduit between ground-breaking, evidence-based research and the formation of effective policy.

We cannot do this alone. We rely on the support of our partners, sponsors, clients, donors and volunteers to bring the results of our work to the public arena.






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Recent and current corporate partners include:

  • Price Waterhouse Coopers
  • Mecu Bank
  • Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre, Adelaide
  • Health Law Research Centre at the Queensland University of Technology
  • National Climate Change Adaptation Resource Network
  • Natural Resources Conservation League of Australia
  • Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU
  • The Australia Institute

To find out more about becoming a partner in Australia21’s work download our Corporate Partnership Brochure (coming soon) and our Corporate Partnership Prospectus. (coming soon)
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Sponsors provide funds to support our work. Current and recent sponsors include:

  • The University of Melbourne
  • The Australian National University
  • Australian Unity
  • Public Health Association of Australia
  • Oikoumene Foundation
  • Parents and Friends of Drug Law Reform
  • Quakers Canberra
  • Ian Potter Foundation
  • Scully Foundation
  • Commonwealth Attorney General’s Department
  • ACT Government

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While the majority of our work is generated from our own analysis of the big issues facing Australia we do accept commissions to research and recommend on behalf of a client, where the project is in line with Australia21’s purpose.

Our recent clients include:

  • Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
  • Victoria Police
  • South Australian Department of Health

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A sincere thank you to each of the following people who have supported our work over the past five years.


Anonymous (58), Amber Almenning, Chris Ansted, Gayle Balsillie, Paul Barratt, Greg Bell, Rebecca Bunn, Susie Bunn, Bill and Mary Bush, Warren Canning, Robyn Coghlan, Peter Cooper, Steven Cork, Phillip Cornwell, Nicholas Cowdery AM QC, Lara Croucher, Peter Darley, Martin Deering, Bob Douglas, Richard Eckersley, David Evans, Andrew Farran, Robert Frank, Peter Freeman, Fiona Gayler, Peter Hallams, David Helliwell, Terence Hull, Phil Jaksa, Robyn Jewell, Fran Johnson, Arthur Kerr, Annalisa Koeman, John Langmore, Deb Lavis, Nathan Lee, Martin Linsley, Sandi Logan, Laurie Mather, Lindy McLeod, Jonathan Page, Mathew Pavelis, Dale Phillips, Sian Phillips, Jamie Pullen, Anne Quinn, John Quinn, Marie Quinn, Lynne Reeder, Deborah Rice, Gordon Rose, Romaine Rutnam, Wayne Ryan, Ann Sanson, Mark Singer, Alan Stephens, Cody Stephens, Lyn Stephens, Peter Tait, Margie Thomas-Close, Peter Truasheim, Deborah Vertessy, Edward Webber, Trevor Wheeler, Tony Whelan, Malcolm Whyte, Jill Wran


Anonymous (15), Chris Ansted, Michael Archer, Gayle Balsillie, Paul Barratt, Francine Bartlett, David Bell, Mitzi Bolton, Dorothy Broom, Rebecca Bunn,Steven Cork, Robert Frank, Nicky Grigg, Sophie Guy, Judith Healy, David Helliwell, Robyn Jewell, F Kovacs, Laurence Mather, Johanna McBride, Donna McKinnis, Walter Phillips, Richard Reid, Gordon Rose, Wayne & Judy Ryan, John Schmidt, Mark Singer, Lyn Stephens, Effie Sutton, Rona Thomas, Richard Upton,Edward Webber, Philip Westlake, Trevor Wheeler, Malcolm Whyte, Bruce Wyatt


Anonymous (4), Penny Allen, Paul Barratt, Pam Brown, David Evans, Geoff Clark, Andrew Chelmers, Steve Cork, Peggy Goldsmith, Kerry Goulston, Des Griffin, Nicky Grigg, Yoram and Rachel Gross, David Helliwell, Terrence Hull, Robyn Jewell, Fran Johnson, Tristan Kearns, Ian Kennedy, Deb Lavis, Martin Linsley, Vivian Manwaring, Lindy McLeod, Donna McKinnis, Marshall Perron, Noel Pye, Judith Quilter, David Richards, Richard Reilly, Gordon Rose, Mike Salvaris, Lyn Stephens, Robyn Stuchbury, Adrian Walker, Edward Webber, Henry Whyte


Anonymous (15), Ana, Shannon, Kristin Alford, Philip Bailey, Andrew Baldwin, Paul Barratt, Tom Barratt, Filomena Barzi, Colin Campey, Daniel Carr, Judith Clingan, Steven Cork, Leanne Craze, Elizabeth Cross, Ric Day, Kaeleen Dingle, Simon Divecha, Joan Douglas, Robert Douglas, Anne Kilcullen, Meg Evans, David Farmer, Andrew Farran, Christy Filipich, Derry Nicole Finkeldey, Shane Fisher, Gedda Fortey, Hester Gascoigne, Nicky Grigg, Peter Hallams, Kathryn Hedger, Catherine Heywood, Gael Howell, John Hughes, Marg Hutton, Peter Ireland, Bronwyn Jewell, Dietmar Kahles, Zerebar Karimi, Amie Kendall, Alison Kershaw, Anne Kilcullen, Jack Knownforlaugh, Annalisa Koeman, Megan Lamb, Robyne Laird Jones, David Lang, John Langmore, Deb Lavis, Maryann Long, Jo Longman, Charles Campbell Macknight, Wendy Malycha, Michael McDonald, Johanna McBride, John & Jenny McGee, Anthony John McMichael, Tom Merrett, Teresa Miller, Mustafa Mohabbat, Kathryn Moore, Terry Morton,Tim Moore, Vivienne Moxham-Hall, Honey Nelson, Anne OSullivan, Michael Palmer, Claire Parkes, Gaz Pozible, Lisa Pryor, Lynne Reeder, Lyla Rogan, Philippa Rowland, Shelley Schreiner, Audrey Severino, Helen Sims, Jo South, Annette Spooner, Rory Spreckley, Bella Stephens, Matthew Stephens, Alan Stephens, Richard Upton, Sue Wareham, Trevor Wheeler, Gratton Wilson, Susan R Wilson, Jo Wodak, Ted Woodward


Anonymous (3) Anthony Adams, James Aherne, Robert Albert, Penny Allen, Margaret Alpers, Paul Barratt, Elizabeth Bennett, David Brentnall, Pam Brown, Lance Chapman, Geoff Clarke, Craig Constable, Nigel Cooper, Jim Dennis, Joan Douglas, Robert Douglas, Rennie D’Souza, David Evans, Gedda Fortey, Richard Gunn, David Helliwell, Heather Herbert, Neville Hurst, Fran Johnson, Graeme Kelleher, John E. Kent, Melissa Kilderry, Annalisa Koeman, Lydia Kovach, Andre Kritzinger, Charlotte Kritzinger, Deb Lavis, Rae Litting, John Maindonald, Donna Mckinnis, Lindy Mcleod, Tony McMichael, Beth Mylius, Michael Norman, Lisa Pryor, Narina Pryor, Gordon Rose, Romaine Rutman, Audrey Severino, David Shorthouse, Mark Singer, Michelle Smith, Alan Stephens, Anne-Marie Whelan, Peter Williams, George Wilson, Ted Woodward, Malcolm Whyte


Anonymous (1), Rob Ashdown, Paul Barratt, Geoff Clarke, Robert Clarken, Timothy Crawshaw, Ralph Curnow, James Davis, Joan Douglas, Robert Douglas, Richard Eckersley (via the estate of Jan Lee Martin), Roger Gifford, Daniel Green, Deb Lavis, Jason Leong, Michael Norman, Gordon Rose, Samantha Ruby, Mark Singer, Anne and Peter Wolstenholm, Malcolm Whyte


Robert Albert, Paul Barratt, AC Bell, J Bennett, Margaret Blaker, James Brown, Geoff Clarke, Bob Douglas, Rolf Fenner, Basil Hetzel, Craig James, Vijai Joseph, Deb Lavis, Patrick O’Leary, Michelle Smith, Amanda Tobler, B Twentyman, Jim Varghese, Nicholas Stump

If you like what we do and would like to help by making a financial contribution here are some options:

  • Make a one off donation by clicking on the yellow donate button on the left
  • Make an ongoing donation and become a Club 300 member.
  • Make a gift in memory
  • Make a bequest in your will

For more information go to Make a donation
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Volunteers make a huge contribution to Australia21’s work and many interesting (and some mundane) options are available. Volunteers do everything from helping us with financial strategy to stuffing envelopes and we are grateful for all assistance.

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For their help in recent times we would like to thank:

Nichola Courtney, Dilreene Wojciechowski, Melissa Hand

Jarryd Bartle, Emma Breheny

Andrew Campbell, Marni Cranna, Heather Cork

Peggy Daroesman, Tom De Graaf, Angus Douglas

Steve Edhouse of The LoveMarketers Digital Marketing Agency

Nick Green

Kathryn Hedger

Sumit Kar, Annalisa Koeman,

Angelo Paonne of Zoo Advertising

David Lang

Tom Merrett

Caitlin Nelson

Sue Ross, Samantha Ruby

Kelly-Anne Smith, Alan Stephens, Bella Stephens, Cody Stephens, Daniel Stephens

Liz Temple

Virginia Walsh, Jo Wodak, Joshua Wrest.

For more information go to How to volunteer.
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More information

To discuss the best way for your organisation to connect with Australia21’s work contact the Executive Officer at office@australia21.org.au or on 02 6288 0823.
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