Working with other like-minded groups, Australia21 takes a lead role in coordinating work on MEC in the Australian context by:

  • establishing an Australian mindfulness, empathy and compassion network, which links to international groups working in similar areas;
  • sponsoring additional forums and dialogues to network more widely with stakeholders, decision makers and policy makers across sectors to explore issues such as:mind-767584_1920 - Free image Pixabay
    • new approaches to mindfulness, empathy and compassion, their relative importance and how to implement them for social and organisational change;
    • the practical challenges facing individuals and organisations in adopting mindfulness, empathy and compassion as keystone behaviours;
    • the barriers to implementation, despite the existence of compelling evidence of its positive impacts and the existence of recognised centres of expertise/practitioners;
    • the degree to which existing economic, political and social incentives and reward systems are consistent with the widespread adoption of MEC frameworks in ethical decision making;
    • the extent to which mindfulness practices and training in empathy and compassion necessarily lead to changes in behaviours;
    • the appropriate balance between top down promotions/interventions to implementation (for example, the use of high profile “champions”, policies, standards, education programs) and bottom up approaches (pilot projects, forums, personal advocacy).

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