Mindful Futures Advisory Group

Australia21 - Dr Lynne ReederDr Lynne Reeder is Founder of the Mindful Futures Network, an Adjunct Research Fellow, Faculty of Health at Federation University Australia, and a Board Director of Australia21. She trained as a meditation teacher with Deepak Chopra, and is currently researching the application of empathy and compassion within policy making settings.

Mark Dorman is a member of the Young A21 group. He has a Bachelor of Psychology and is currently a Master of Environment student at the University of Melbourne specialising in Education and Social Change. He is passionate about exploring the capacity of human connection to provide solutions for large scale social and environmental issues.

Elizabeth Granger is a former lawyer, now working as a mindfulness teacher, facilitator and psychotherapist, and is also the co-founding Director of Openground for Organisations which offers mindfulness programs to organisations in the public, private and community sector.

Dr Nicky Grigg is a Senior Research Scientist at CSIRO and her research areas include resilience, adaptation, transformation and sustainability in social-ecological systems. She is a former Board Director of Australia21.

Debbie Ling is an accredited mental health social worker, meditation and mindfulness teacher and PhD candidate researching compassion.

Rebecca McIntyre is a senior Government policy officer with an academic background in social research and policy and a passionate interest for sharing the potential benefits of applying empathy and compassion to public policy and program development within the community services sphere and beyond.

Dr Lisa Petheram is social researcher, artist, meditation facilitator and wellbeing practitioner — with special interests in creative approaches to encouraging connectivity, compassion and awareness in communities.

Lyn Stephens is an organisational development consultant, a former social worker in the mental health field, and a Board Director of Australia21, with a life-long interest in the positive impacts of mindfulness, empathy and compassion in all fields of life.

Dr Liz Temple is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of New England, with twenty years’ experience researching various aspects of biopsychosocial wellbeing.

Peter Yuile is a former senior Commonwealth public servant who has now  ‘graduated’ to other interests. He is an executive coach and mentor; a Board Director of Australia21; and has a particular interest in the application of mindfulness, empathy and compassion in executive leadership and the development and delivery of public policy, programs and services.

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