Dr Lynne Reeder

Lynne Reeder 2103Lynne is an Adjunct Fellow in the Faculty of Health at Federation University Australia. In 2015 she completed a study which examined the role of empathy conversations as a policy tool and presented the findings at the 3rd Global Empathy conference at the University of Oxford, UK. She completed her PhD (Monash University) on the international relations theory of global interdependence, which included a focus on the ethical aspects of global governance. Lynne is a member of the e-discussion group run by the Compassionate Mind Foundation at the University of Derby, UK and leads the Australian Organising Group of the Charter for Compassion, a global network of collaborative partnerships. She trained as a meditation teacher with Deepak Chopra in the US, and currently teaches mindfulness at a regional hospital-based Wellness Centre. She has extensive experience in policy development working in associations such as CEDA and Professions Australia, and has previously worked at the University of Melbourne and ANU in both academic and knowledge transfer roles. Lynne is Project Lead on Australia21’s Empathy Project and Mindful Futures Network, a member of its Research Committee, and between 2008 and 2011 was its Executive Director.

Contact Lynne via email: l.reeder@federation.edu.au


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