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Organisations and projects

The Human Connection: an initiative to help change the ways people interact with each other. Designed to co-create a new reality where authenticity and vulnerability is at the essence of each interaction. A main activity is holding regular eye gazing events in towns and cities around Australia. On Facebook – thehcmovement

Liberators International: is a social movement founded in Perth that creates inspiring large scale participatory acts of kindness, dance and human connection in public places designed to involve communities in positive shared experiences. On Facebook – theliberatorsinternational


Art, performance, music

Compassion: a collaborative musical work by singer-songwriter Lior Attar and composer Nigel Westlake. A song cycle for voice and orchestra recorded by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Sung in Hebrew and Arabic by Lior, it draws on Jewish and Islamic sacred writings to explore the idea of compassion between human beings.

Compassion plays: a participatory theatre event on the theme of thresholds and transitions. The project, modelled on the medieval ‘Everyman’ and Mystery plays, created a magical event where people could move through stations of experience, swap stories and roles, or just listen and rethink our relationship with transitions, home, homelessness, and change.


Community initiatives

Welcome to Eltham showed their support for 120 Syrian refugees being settled in the community, and avoiding confrontation with far right protesters by decorating their protest site with 8,000 butterflies before they arrived. “We wanted to replace the hate with something beautiful.”


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