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Mindful self-care programs for healthcare professionals

A program run by Dr Maura Kenny in conjunction with the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Clinical Education Centre in SA with analysis of eighty health care professionals validating statistically significant reductions in stress and increases in levels of self-compassion.


Mindfulness in Medicine

The Melbourne Centre for Mindfulness has been teaching the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program to medical and other staff at St Vincent’s Public Hospital Melbourne for 5 years. The program has received very positive feedback but resistance among health professionals to mindfulness training is seen as the greatest challenge.





Compassion at the heart of well-being: an inter-disciplinary study of well-being in a healthcare setting

This project will compare a meditation-based approach, with a goal-focused approach for enhancing wellbeing and compassion in a healthcare setting.


How does viewing material on common humanity impact on healthcare workers’ level of compassion?

This research project is investigating if common humanity is a key component of compassion on the basis that it is of critical importance to gain clarity on the core components of compassion so that future research interventions and compassion training programs are appropriately targeted.


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