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Keep the Australia21 flag flying. Now, more than ever before, we need to keep alive independent voices like Australia21. Join the growing number of Australians who donate to support our work.


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Much of Australia21’s work is contributed pro bono, but we still need a basic corporate infrastructure. We are frugal, but there are unavoidable costs of rent, insurance, audit, website maintenance and communications which have to be met each month. We receive no government funding for operations and rely on donors, sponsors and partners to fund the organisation and its work.

Australia21 is now poised to begin three new and highly significant projects on

  • asylum seeker policy
  • growing Australian inequality and
  • alternative measures of progress (apart from the economic).

If you would like to support our work here are some options.


Make a one off donation

Just press the yellow donate button on the left and go to our secure online payment site. All donations above $2 are tax deductible.

Join Club 300

Club 300 is for all of our ongoing donors – $20 is the entry level but of course you can contribute more if you wish. As a Club 300 member you will receive a personally emailed PDF version of all of our reports on the day of their release, and every time we reach the next 300 members we will hold a special celebratory online event for all members.

We need your urgent help to meet our next 300 member target. Would you consider contributing $20 monthly to keep the Australia 21 flag flying?

If so, please press the yellow donate button on the left now.


Make a gift in memory

In lieu of flowers many families include a request for donations in funeral announcements or at the funeral service. This selfless choice is often a reflection of their loved one’s life, interests and values.

You can arrange to honour a friend or loved one with a memorial gift to Australia21. To assist in this we can provide donation leaflets for a funeral service.

If you would like to set up a memorial fund for a friend or loved one, please contact us on 02 6288 0823.


Make a bequest in your Will

Leaving a bequest – a gift in your Will – is one of the most effective and long-lasting ways you can help Australia21. By doing so, you are making a wonderful commitment to the future of your children and grandchildren.

You may make a bequest related to a particular topic that is important to you or for the general support of our research and operations.

We understand that including a charitable bequest in your Will is a very personal decision, one that will need to be carefully considered and possibly talked over with your loved ones.

For all the information you may need to include a gift to Australia21 in your Will, including the correct wording for your Will, please contact Anne Quinn at or on 02 62880823.

If you have included a bequest to Australia21 in your Will please let us know as we would value the opportunity to thank you for this legacy of support.

At all times your privacy will be respected. Any information you provide will be kept strictly confidential.


More information

Please contact Anne Quinn at or on 02 62880823.



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