Senator Janet Rice hosts Australia21 algal farming roundtable


CSIRO Image 067_CS946_236dayold_coenobia_composite - cropped

Image courtesy of Australian National Algae Culture Collection; CS-946 Pandorina morum

11 November 2016

Greens Senator Janet Rice today hosted and participated in an Australia21 roundtable on the potential role of algal farming in contributing to solutions to a range of issues facing Australia including food security, fuel security and water degradation.

Australia21 invited a diverse group of scientists, entrepreneurs, government policymakers and futurists to meet in Parliament House, Canberra to examine the current state of activities, expectations and possibilities that micro-algae and macro-algae (seaweeds) are making and could make to Australia’s future.

Report from the roundtable to come.

Senator Janet Rice at the roundtable reception:


      Australia21 - Algal farming roundtable participants


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