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    Calming the survival brain in politics
    Posted: March 15, 2017

    In the 21st century, politicians and policy makers will be better served if they have a greater awareness of the way their thoughts and emotions drive decisions. Neuroscience is validating that when our minds are calm, we cultivate the areas of the brain related to perception, emotion regulation, creativity, and complex thinking.

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  • Mindfulness, Empathy and Compassion Forum report now available
    Posted: August 25, 2016

    Now available: The report from the Australia21 ‘Mindfulness, Empathy and Compassion: The building blocks of a mindful nation’ forum held on 10 June 2016.

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  • Audio recordings from the Mindfulness, Empathy and Compassion forum
    Posted: August 9, 2016

    Now available: Audio recordings from the Australia21 Mindfulness, Empathy and Compassion forum held on 10 June in Melbourne. Listen to world renowned experts in this field.

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  • Invitation to Empathy Project workshop, 12 May in Canberra
    Posted: April 29, 2016

    You are invited to a special one hour briefing and experiential workshop on the Australia21 Empathy Project by the project leader, Lynne Reeder, PhD on Thursday 12 May at 1.00pm. […]

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  • Australia21 launches crowdfunding campaign for empathy app
    Posted: July 15, 2015

    A21 has launched a crowdfunding campaign at to fund an app designed to help people understand what empathy is and how to bring it into daily life. Empathy can be a powerful tool to encourage more human-centred and effective ways of developing policy on complex issues and it can help people live more meaningful and connected lives. Your donation welcome.

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