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Paul Barratt, Chair of Australia21

“One of the best ways to demonstrate concern about our country and our community is to contribute to shaping their future.” Paul Barratt AO, Chair of Australia21

Say ‘yes’ to smarter solutions for Australia’s big issues

Worried about the future we’re creating?

Are you concerned about the environment, inequality, the future of work, drug laws, the wellbeing of young people? Australia is facing many big issues that need smarter solutions.



Feeling powerless to change anything?

What we need is intelligent public debate, based on sound research, honest evidence and fresh ideas.


Australia21 unravels national problems and builds smarter solutions.

Australia21 is an independent, not-for-profit think tank.

We promote fair, sustainable and inclusive public policy through evidence-based research.

We bring together experts, decision makers, business people, academics and ordinary Australians to tackle real-world ‘wicked’ problems — complicated social,  health, economic, and environmental dilemmas that defy simple solutions.

We focus on the issues, not the politics.


You can help Australia21 shape a better future.

Say ‘yes’ to smarter solutions and a better future, by donating to Australia21. All donations of $2 and over are tax deductible.


Australia21 is not politically aligned. We actively encourage all Parties, Independents, interest groups and members of the public to support our research and adopt our recommendations.


Get informed. Be heard. Shape the future.

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Zero tolerance is a tragically unrealistic policy response. "How long can political leaders continue to delude themselves that their stern warnings prevent young people from taking drugs at youth music events?" ... See MoreSee Less

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